Brisbane has the population of two million and is the most populated city of Queensland. Due to this dense population it has a huge business center in its city. Brand identity is of utmost importance for a Brisbane businessman and for this reason they are trying to come up with fresh ideas of advertisement. Companies need to put effective image in the minds of their customers to ensure that they can be easily identified amongst their competitors. Signs are used by companies to advertise their products and give the impression of the class they hold in that field.


Signage is becoming very popular in the world for advertising. Signage is done in many ways like signage on buildings; airports, billboards etc. One of the methods gaining popularity these days is the car signage. Many businessmen adopt this approach in order to advertise their businesses on the roads. Graphics on the vehicle is a great place to advertise your business. It is an effective way of marketing your brand and company, attract more customers, and help your business in earning more profit. Another reason for its popularity is the cost effective nature of this advertising plan.


By using this method you don’t need any government authorisation or license. When starting a new business it is a good technique to start advertising without spending too much on advertising companies. Make sure that you select a car that is in good condition. If you are looking for maximum exposure of car signage across a fleet of vehicles, there are even companies who are offering cars for such kind of advertisement and hiring a car from them directly can be a good option. Otherwise you can directly contact the car owners who are willing to give up their cars for the purpose however keep in mind that these car owners can charge you a handsome amount of money.