In the world of photography there are a number of applications related to light boxes. One type has a container either a number of light bulbs, and also contains a pane of frosted glass. On the top. It is used by a number of professionals who view a number of translucent films. They usually use slides. It is basically used to sort different types of photographic plates. It is also used for photo referencing by a number of visual artists. It uses a light similar to that of day light. It has a uniform light strength that falls on the glass pane. The light strength is adequate so that it does not strain the vision of an on looker.


It is also used for fabric reflector that is attached to the studio lighting by using several methods to diffuse flash of strobe. They are generally rectangular shaped. Recently they are being manufactured in octagonal shape. Interiors of the reflectors can be of white color or may be silver or gold in order to reflect a high intensity light it may also be used to alter the light with respect to temperature.


There are a number of firms in Brisbane, Australia that use light boxes for certain images. It is basically used for marketing and many people have set up their own firm for that purpose. There is a lot of completion going on within this market. Many firms have also installed card readers that are based on the physics of light boxes. Such card readers who use light boxes are installed in a number of hotels. It also has its usage in science as light boxes are used to study the bacterial growth and it allows better visual of PCR plates. Smaller light boxes are popular now days because of their transportability.