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Choose Custom 3D Signs To Make Your Business Stand Out

Your signage is a big part of your brand identity – it helps people recognise your business and remember your products or services. 3D signs add depth to lettering and logos, making them more noticeable and impactful as marketing devices. Simply Signs Australia designs, manufactures, and installs custom 3D signage in and around Brisbane.

Why Choose 3D Signage?

You can use 3D lettering signage for your business name, logo, slogan, or any other branding to make your sign appear bolder and more professional. Here are three benefits to choosing a 3D sign over its 2D alternative.

  • You can be more creative in 3D. Three-dimensional letters and shapes have more surface area and edges to customise than a flat sign. You can incorporate different colours and textures on the perpendicular faces of your letters to make them even more noticeable.
  • People can read your sign from further away. 3D letters appear bolder because they cast a slight shadow on the surface upon which they are mounted. Bolder text remains legible from a distance – the perfect option for an outdoor sign.
  • You can easily add lighting to 3D signs. There are lots of recesses behind and around 3D letters and signs, creating opportunities to add lighting elements to the sign in the future. Illuminating a 3D sign from different angles creates interesting shadows with more impact.

What Material is Best for a 3D Sign?

Sign fabrication is a sophisticated process that allows you to make signage out of a wide range of materials to get the perfect design for your business. Here are some typical materials we can turn into signs and tips on when to use them.

  • Acrylic signs are made from a versatile plastic called Polymethyl Methacrylate that you can easily mould and curve into any shape. Acrylic is durable and a good option for outdoor signage. It looks shiny and smooth with a polished or raw edge. This material offers countless colour options.
  • Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant material that makes good interior and exterior signs. Brushed or galvanised aluminium creates a matte finish for elegant signage. Choose aluminium composite panels for a more lightweight and versatile option.
  • Wood. Most wooden signs are made from MDF or plywood and cut to shape with a laser cutter. Wooden signage creates a traditional or rustic look and feel; however, it can be damaged by moisture or pests, and it is better suited for indoor use.
  • Polystyrene is a lightweight material that you can mould into almost any shape. These signs are only suited to indoor use as they are highly susceptible to damage.

Let Simply Signs Australia Design and Fabricate Your 3D Sign

We are passionate about design, and our team can help you create unique and captivating 3D signage that gets your business noticed. We have decades of industry experience behind us, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent service and quality products every time. Contact us for more information.

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