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Let Us Redefine Corporate Signage for You

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear corporate signage? Formal, professional, neat, clean design? We can provide you will all the conventional signage you require for your business to be seen, while we can also make your branding strategy a bit more exciting through our added services and products.

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Relook the Way You See Advertising

Maybe so far, your branding strategy has only included stationery and business cards that usually end up in a drawer somewhere or get lost without leaving a lasting image in your customer’s mind. We can bring you many more advertising elements to get your brand top of mind for current and potential customers.

  • Start at home. Your premises are yours, and you can do as you wish there or be allowed by renting agreement. Make the most of your space by putting up pylon signs at the back and front of your building. These signs are permanent features mounted on two poles that will stand out and make it easy for new customers to find your address.
  • Fascia signs strategically placed on the highest point of your building can bring in more customers than you might think, especially if you have a tall building visible from far away or if you are located next to a busy main road or highway.
  • Speaking of highways. It might be one of the oldest forms of advertising, but there is a reason they are still around. Billboard signs are enormous, and they are often the most memorable as passengers are left with a short, impactful line that’s either funny, quirky or to the point, and it will stick. A mini billboard in the suburbs can be just as impactful to the right audienceؘ–it’s about placement and creativity more than size.
  • If you are in the logistics business. You have an entire fleet of blank canvasses waiting to be used. Consider vehicle wrapping, truck branding and magnetic signs for company cars to create a moving advertising board that will reach way more customers than any static sign ever can.
  • 3D signs. Much like anything 3D, it is better than a flat sign and is a more natural item for the eye to catch since we live in a multi-dimension world. It’s sure to stand out among the sea of 2D signs that you tend to see on shop fronts or at entrances. Enhance your chances of being noticed via a neon directional sign 1km away so clients can easily find you.
  • Something about the nostalgia of a directional sign will just draw people to read them. Perfect to place in a park or on a busy street corner; you can collaborate with other businesses or shops to add their names to the sign and benefit the whole community.

Whether you prefer tried and tested advertising methods or wish to embrace the digital era, we can help you, and your brand move into the 21st century and speak to the right audience.

How We Produce Your Signage

From fence banners to flag signs, we can design, manufacture and place them at the designated site for you. Here are some of the best uses for the different types of signs we can make for you:

  • Building signs. We have the equipment to produce 2D or 3D banner signs, with or without flashing lights or neon gas. You can design them from scratch at our Underwood workshop- from printing to router cutting, we do it all.
  • We produce banner signs in various sizes to stretch across your entrance. We can install the banner, usually in less than an hour, ready for the world to see your sale announcement.
  • Do not underestimate the power of exhibition signage, such as flags or pull-up banners. Even though you will be among a sea of competitors, you’ll still want to represent your brand and make it easy to spot to return to once they have browsed through the stalls. We manufacture the entire sign, with the flag and the pull-up mechanism, ready for you to use.

Knowing which form of sign to use at which places for the most impact makes all the difference in making your brand stand out.

More About Simply Signs Australia

We will assist you with years of experience with branding, signs, and advertising strategies from design to installation. Visit us in Underwood, where our workshop is located, or you can call or email us, and we can set up a meeting. Contact us if there is anything you want to know about our signs, production and installation processes or to find out which signs will work best for your type of business.

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