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UV and graffiti resistant

We can custom design and produce vehicle magnets. Whether it be the single set, or for an entire fleet, we can complete this economically and at great quality. All magnets are laminated for UV and graffiti resistance.

Transform your vehicle

Many are turning to the road to advertise their businesses. Using vehicles as a means to advertise your brand is an effective way to gain more exposure, therefore attracting more customers.

Using Magnetic Signs in Brisbane for Marketing

If you don’t want to make a long term commitment with a bumper sticker, perhaps you might like to utilise a car magnet to advertise your business on the go. Magnetic signs in Brisbane will be sure to grab the attention of anyone driving by you, plus they’re incredibly inexpensive when compared to other types of signage.

Magnetic signs can come in a number of different varieties designed to catch the eye of fellow motorists and potential customers. If you have your own design in mind, it’s easy to find a sign manufacturer who can turn that into reality. And if you’re not the best designer, the sign maker can sketch up something on their own.

Magnetic signs in Brisbane are an invaluable advertising tool. Being the biggest city in Queensland, there are always a large amount of cars on the road, each with numerous sets of eyes that are ready to fall upon your door. If your magnet is memorable, then it will stick in the minds of these people, who will recall it when they have a need for a product or service that your business can provide.

A magnetic sign has a number of advantages over stickers or car wraps. Besides being cheap, they can be easily removed from your car if you need to attend an event where advertising may not be appropriate (such as a funeral or memorial). They can also be put on any model or size of car without getting specific measurements, which is much more hassle free than something like a car wrap. Ultimately, magnetic signs in Brisbane are a very smart choice.

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