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Your business is set up, and word of mouth has brought in many a client for you, but you have reached a plateau. Take your marketing to the next level by letting us work with your branding guidelines to create the best vehicle signage that will be sure to draw your target market’s attention.

If you’ve considered vehicle signage as a potential advertising option, you will know that you can start with car magnets that you attach to your car door, or you can go all out and make a statement with car wraps for your company vehicles.

How to Approach Vehicle Signage in Brisbane

You might not have used vehicle signage as part of your advertising strategy yet. However, the effect of using car signs will depend on the type of business you run. Here are some tips on incorporating fleet wraps or signs into your advertising plans.

  • Where will it be most effective? Start by analysing where your company car travels, where your target market finds themselves, and which vehicles will have a significant impact. For example, your sales team might travel much more and in areas relevant to your clients than the rest of your staff complement. You want to be seen, but you also want to be seen in the right places, by the right people. So start branding your most impactful vehicles first.
  • Measurable effect. Sometimes it can be hard to measure the impact of a billboard, newspaper ad or online banner. With vehicle signage, it is easier to measure the effectiveness and thus return on investment based on the area your client is from or by asking where they have seen your car.
  • Replacement and company colours. Before doing a car wrap, think about the usage of the car – is it the employee’s own vehicle, and how often will you replace your company fleet? A magnet might be more suitable on a private vehicle used for company purposes. In contrast, a vehicle wrap with company colours and logo, or even bright colours, might be the best option to make your brand stand out on company vehicles.

Any form of vehicle signage, on your own cars, bus decals or on your fleet of trucks, can benefit your business and your target market. Online and print advertising won’t suffice once most people work at offices again or are on the road themselves. Be visible, everywhere.

Other Elements You Can Incorporate Besides Car Wraps in Brisbane

We have all you need to take your branding to the next level with a presence on the road. Now, make sure that you announce your presence on your shop front so you can reach everyone on foot and in cars.

  • Potential customers might be driving by your shop and not notice your sign if it’s faded or blends in with the building. Our lightboxes on the front and back of your building will ensure that everyone walking or driving by will notice your services.
  • Nothing says professional like a classy feature wall in your reception or bright directional signs throughout your office. Keep a consistent look and feel throughout your building, starting at your reception area, the first area clients will see.
  • Provide your sales team with pull-up banners, posters and branded stationery so that you can leave a lasting, top of mind impression on exhibit visitors or conference attendees.
  • If you are in the process of revamping or expanding your business, be sure to add mesh banners to your budget and let curious passers-by know that this is your location and that they can expect to see something remarkable soon.

Why Choose Simply Signs Australia for Your Rebranding

You have already done the work and established a much-loved brand in your community. But, as with all good things, change is inevitable and a necessary step in business growth. Let us help you with anything from boat signage to banners and teardrop flags. We can make your brand visible anywhere you or your staff may go. Contact us to discuss your rebranding.

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