Office buildings that are home to several businesses can definitely benefit from installing a directory sign or two. These directory signs in Brisbane can be installed at all entrances of the office building and show clients of the various businesses in the building where their destination is located. Not only will this be a benefit to the clients that are in and out of the office building on a daily basis, directory signs can also benefit the companies who are located in your office building. When those businesses are happy with their location they will happily stay, re-sign their leases and possibly even recommend others which will only benefit you!


There are many types of directory signs in Brisbane made of many different materials. Some of them are quite classy and made of aluminium that is shiny and welcoming. Others may be made of plastic material but are bright and colourful, bringing positive vibes to all your visitors. Directory signs in Brisbane can be magnetic, they can slide and change with a flip of the wrist or even be electronic. You can design them to be single column, double column or even larger. They can also be designed to show businesses alphabetically, they can show companies by floor or even by suite or office number. Really, when it comes to designing a directory sign for your office building, you will be able to call the shots on every aspect of the sign. Without a directory sign, your visitors can get lost, have bad experiences and not be able to find their way through the building causing bad feelings towards the building as a whole.