Neon signage is made by using a number of luminous tube lights. Such tube lights contain neon or a number of different illuminated gases. Many billboards and sign boards make use of neon lighting. Neon lighting was first showed in Paris, France motor show in 1910. After that a number of techniques were added in order to market products and services. Nowadays if you roam around Brisbane, Australia you would see a number of stores and businesses illuminated by neon lighting. Neon signage is one popular way of marketing in Brisbane. After United States, Australia used neon signage extensively.


Brisbane, Australia is one place where such neon lighting is used extensively by stores and different businesses. As the world around us is changing and with new technologies hitting the market at a much faster pace people are concerned how to retain neon signs in Brisbane, Australia. It seems that they have made some affiliations with neon signage. There are a number of firms in Brisbane Australia that help people preserve this sign by adding new features and designs to the exiting neon signage market. They have made some innovative designs that still keep neon signage on the top as compared to other types of signage.


Previously neon tubes were illuminated due to heating process with the advent of electricity, neon tubes were illuminated with the help of electricity. Neon signage as compared to other illuminated signage is quiet cheap. For small businesses in Brisbane, Australia in order to attract customers use this conventional neon tubes because other signage is quiet hard to afford for them. Though getting old and primitive neon signage in Brisbane, Australia firms are try to preserve this primitive way to illuminate sign boards because it is cheap and have little maintenance cost.